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Expressions Jewelers specializes in creating custom & handcrafted fine jewelry and showcasing curated collections from designers around the world.


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The Expressions Jewelers Blog will help you discover custom designs, jewelry trends, gift ideas, care tips, and more for your jewelry collection (or the collector in your life).

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The Alluring Oval

Mary Van Buer

Oval stones complete Pinterest’s top engagement ring looks from their 2018 Wedding Trends: Sweet and Simple report. The fancy shape took the #3 spot on the social site’s list with a 125% increase in popularity over last year.

Read about the #1 & #2 trends: Moissanite and Art Deco.

In recent years the oval brilliant diamond has risen in demand, and according to Town & Country magazine, is ranked 6th in popularity with American consumers in 2016 (round diamonds were still no. 1).

The fire and brilliance of an oval diamond emulates that of a round with a bit of a twist. Its elegant elongated shape conjures sophistication and intrigue.

There is nothing revolutionary about ovals. The shape has always been used in jewelry; however, it wasn’t until the mid-1950s that the modern oval brilliant cut diamond garnered mass appeal.

Celebrity Ovals

Many of the rich and famous have opted for the opulent oval.

Blake Lively wears a twelve-carat pink oval diamond from her actor husband, Ryan Reynolds. The stunning Lorraine Schwartz ring is rose gold with a micro-pavé diamond band.

Julianne Hough also sports a Lorraine Schwartz design with her six-carat oval diamond engagement ring. Hough’s fiancé Brooke Laich proposed at their home with the elegant ring, which also features their initials and a heart in diamonds on the back.

Before her breakup with Seal, Heidi Klum wore an approximately ten-carat fancy yellow oval brilliant cut diamond. Another Lorraine Schwartz piece, the ring was made in yellow gold and accented with smaller yellow diamonds.

Buying an Oval

If you are looking to purchase an oval brilliant cut diamond for yourself or another, there are a few things to consider. If you are familiar with The Four C’s of Diamonds, that’s a great start. The same factors are used to evaluate the carat weight, clarity, and color for oval diamonds as with round brilliants and can help with your search.

Considering the cut of an oval diamond is very personal. A 2009 survey conducted by Gemological Institute of America found that consumer and trade professionals prefer a longer, narrower oval shape. It showed the most popular length-to-width ratio was 1.7:1. It is challenging to find oval diamond cut to this proportion because of the shape of the diamond rough, so most ovals are cut to 1.3:1 or 1.4:1 ratio.

While the proportion of an oval diamond is often a personal decision, the symmetry is objective. Poor symmetry in a stone will result in a dull and unappealing stone. Draw an imaginary line vertically along the length of the diamond and view each side – do the facet patterns mirror each other? Do the same across the diamond’s width. The outline of an oval diamond has a large impact on the beauty of the stone as well. Look for minimal variations such as an uneven outline.

Look for the bow-tie. The bow-tie effect is unique to elongated brilliant shapes – oval, marquise, and pear. Since a diamond is cut to act as a collection of mirrors, reflecting as much light as possible, it also reflects shadows. The bow-tie often seen in these diamonds are a reflection of the shadow from the viewer (you). Look for an oval diamond that is well cut and has a minimal bow-tie. It is helpful to be able to compare a few stones side-by-side.

If you are looking to create a piece that is enduring and unforgettable, an oval might be for you. Start your search for the perfect diamond and browse our selection. Ready to shop? Book an appointment with one of our trained associates.

How to Stack Rings Like a Jeweler

Mary Van Buer

Stacking rings are a huge trend right now in the fashion world. In fine jewelry, it is a creative way to make a look that’s uniquely you. Stacking rings can be added to your wedding set or worn solo.

However you decide to wear it, we have a few tips to style your stack.

It’s not Plain, it’s Timeless

Don’t think you need to go all bling. A solid band without diamonds or gemstones is sometimes the missing link, er, ring. Create a minimalist stack with a little bit of space and see how the contrast pulls it all together. If you need a little more interest, try a hammered texture or a small design.

Flat Band

Hammered Band

Skinny Rope Band

Skinny Rope Band

Mix Setting Styles

Adding a channel-set band creates a huge look between two prong-set bands. Want something a bit more contemporary? Try a bezel-set band.

Channel Set

Prong Set

Bezel Set

A Touch of Novelty

Love a good floral motif? Is the infinity trend calling your name? Go for it! Just don’t go crazy with these novel designs. They are sweet in small amounts, but can be overwhelming and chaotic when you try to fit too much into your stack.

Scroll Design

Infinity Design

Fancy Knot Design

Explore Stone Shapes

Don’t feel tied down to round. Adding a ring with fancy-shape stones will create interest, especially if you are staying with one metal color. Look at baguettes (my fave!) or marquise for something special.

Princess Cut Bezel Set

Marquise Single Prong Set

Straight Baguette Bar Set

A Pop of Color

Adding gemstones to your stack is a great way to make it special. Honor your special someone or your children by using their birthstones in a ring. Keep in mind that different color gems show off in different metal colors.



Ruby & Diamond

Eternity Bands: A Cautionary Tale

I get it. The idea of a complete circle of diamonds around your finger is so captivating. No matter which way it spins, sparkle is there to treat your eye! Eternity bands are stunning. I hate to be the bad guy, but they can also be the source of many headaches. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering an eternity band:

  • Cannot be sized. While there are some solutions to make an eternity band fit tighter, they cannot be enlarged or properly sized.
  • Higher risk of damage. With stones all-the-way around the ring, the inside stones (on your palm side) are susceptible to damage. Think about how much you do with your hands.
  • Less economical. This isn’t really a surprise. More stones (especially diamonds) = more money.

Questions to ask your Jeweler

If you’re ready to building your stack, make sure you are working with your trusted jeweler. Take some time and ask him or her a few questions:

  • How durable is this setting?
  • How should my rings be sized? (Pro tip: the larger the stack, the tighter the fit)
  • What kind of care and maintenance is involved with this ring?

 Do you have a favorite stack? Send us a photo on Facebook!

Ready to create your own? Visit our online selection or stop by in store to mix-and-match.